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Anonymous: do you have any advice for talking to guys besides school stuff? i'm horrible with transitioning conversations! there's a guy in one of my lectures who i think is cute and he always sits right by me and in that class our professor always makes us pair up with someone next to us and talk about certain topics for 5-10 minutes. We've asked each other our school years and majors for small talk and that's pretty much it! this year i've been trying to come out of my shell more

yeah! I would suggest talking about music or movies -ask him about his weekend or offer up some information about yourself. You could tell him an anecdote about your childhood, or ask him what his biggest fear is.That is a good way to get vulnerable with someone, but they can control how vulnerable they get- for example: my biggest fear is spiders lol, or my biggest fear is being alone. Good luck! 

"Calling out [sexism] is not playing the victim. I have done it, and I know how it made me feel. Strong. I am nobody’s victim. What is the alternative? Staying silent? So sexism is never named, never addressed, nothing ever changes?"

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Try to seduce me in 7 words or less.

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